Friday, February 21, 2014

Plastic productioncalls

I got a new bath from my own line of Predator calls coming in from Reeseoutdoors soon again, stay tuned for pictures and reviews....


Have gun will travel....

 In December me and Johan made a roadtrip down south to our Östegötland crew Denny and Görgen, we had som great Dog driven hunts for Roedeer and Fallowdeer. I managed to harvest this young Buck, and it was a great trip with lots and lots of laugs and good eating too.....

Johan and i bunked together and this is how happy you look after a good days hunting awesom dinner and a couple of Beers, we had to share bed as mine were soaked in dog pee i unfortunatly discovered 10 minutes before bedtime hahaha....


Roebuck over 130,5 points!!! Fredrik Lenneskog personal record!!!!

Last season was amazing in many ways, me and my daughter got this throphy buck on game cam already in august. He was like a ghost throughout September and October, but then one afternoon (early November) we sat at a food plot and a whole bunch of deer showed up including this brute.

We got the drop on him at under 20 yds and whao what a rack he presented, i dont post pic of my kids on the web nowadays but i can asure you that the smile on her face with the buck at here feet beats everything so far!!! (you´re just have to stick with a pic of me and Mr Buck)

///Fredrik Lenneskog

Friday, January 3, 2014

Roebuck season opens on 16 th of August every year, 2013 me and a buddy harvested these two bucks on the morning of the 16 th .... a great morning to remember!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Trailcam pictures!!

Ok i thought my next post would be much less interesting then this, the fact that i´ve been cutting down on hunting is mostly because of the kids need their time with me. So therefore i choose my hunting trips more carefully now, and after a winter of just about no hunting at all i caught this gana on the trailcam out in my huntingarea.
This will defenetly boost the stand this season, my hopes in soon posing THE picture here and by that i mean that pic with me and my first Hog :)


Sunday, April 22, 2012

..outdoor afternoon..

Two weeks back me and my daughter spent an entire afternoon in the outdoors, we did a 2,3 kilometer hike up on a hill on our hunting grounds. It´s a blast taking the kids outdoors to really know the nature firsthand......

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Beaver double!!!

I visited my friends Duckpond the other night, my job there was to remove two beavers that were digging out the damm structure......